Who is LGBTQ?

Who is LGBTQ? UCLA’s Williams Institute estimates there are 3.5 million LGBTQ students in the U.S., and 300,000 of them identify as transgender. As you can see in the chart below, the number of people identifying as LGBT increases with younger generations. Some scholars suggest that the number of students who identify as LGBTQ is […]

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References References: Aragon, S.R., Poteat, V.P., Espelage, D.L., & Koenig, B.W. (2014). The influence of peer victimization on educational outcomes for LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ high school sudents. Journal of LGBTQ Youth, 11(1), 1-19. GLSEN’s Safe Spaces Kit: Jones, J. (2022). LGBT identification in U.S. ticks up to 7.1%. Gallup. Taylor, D. (2020). Same-sex couples

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Why Study this Topic?

Why Study this Topic? There are many reasons to learn about the school experiences of LGBTQ students. Decades of research reveal ongoing mental and physical health challenges for stigmatized minority youth. LGBTQ students in particular suffer more frequent violence, harassment, and bullying than other groups of students, leading to higher risk of substance abuse, anxiety,

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Course Introduction

Introduction About this Course This course provides educators and school administrators with an overview of four evidence-backed school practices and structures that enhance the wellbeing of LGBTQ students. We’ll describe what these look like, why they’re important, the ways they enhance school climate, and how to apply them in your school’s context. Each lesson provides

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