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Test Taking Intangibles® Log Copy

Throughout this course, you will be introduced to a host of “Test Taking Intangibles”® exercises designed to help you work skillfully with the intangibles of test-taking. These exercises are mindfulness-based brain training practices with heavy research backing. The research behind these exercises shows that (as with most skills) repetition and practice is critical! 

Attached (in the “Materials Section”) is a log to help you keep track of your practice. It can be hard starting new habits; however, we find if students are able to get on a role and practice just one intangible exercise a day for 22 days straight they will have formed a reliable habit of practicing these skills. In turn, the student will start to see all the benefits of these exercises. Whether one is trying to learn how to navigate test-taking anxiety, difficulty focusing, boredom, or a lack of curiosity, GRANITE’s Test Taking Intangibles® will help you work with how you are feeling so you can do your best. 

Print out the log and (on a daily basis) write down which Test Taking Intangible® exercise you completed. Use the guided exercise videos to help you keep track of timing.