Matrices – The Basics

Matrices – The Basics Concepts: A matrix is a very important mathematical object. Matrices (plural) have specific structures and functions that can be very useful in more complicated math. Though they may look intimidating at first, they are really not that complicated. You will need to understand how to do several mathematical functions with matrices. […]

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Another Template

Composite Functions Concepts: We know that functions are like factories. And we know how to evaluate a function for a given function. In other words, we know how to figure out what the factory produces based on what is put into it. But so far we have only considered simple, stand-alone factories. But what would

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TEMPLATE Learning Objectives: In this section, you will learn: how to evaluate a given function the meaning of functions Quick Review: First, let’s start with a recap of the concepts. As you remember from previous videos, a factory is an apt simile for a function. One thing goes in and something new comes out. “apt

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