ACT (Science)

Making Sense of Tables Copy

Let’s say after reading the results from the observational study in Practice Passage #1, Greendale High School asked the scientists to repeat the study, but this time also measuring total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol from the women’s varsity teams as well. Instead of looking at all five sports, only three sports teams were studied. The data

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Summary Statistics Copy

Types of Summary Statistics Have you ever looked up and read the summary of a book you had to read for your literature class? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. Summaries are useful because you can get the main points of the book without having to read the whole book. Summary statistics serve the same purpose

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Introduction to Tables Copy

Now that you are armed with some basic understanding of what exactly is being compared, it is time to actually look at the data. Humans are habitual creatures and we live by patterns. The world is full of patterns, and we have been exceptionally good at spotting them and describing them. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology…

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