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Grantly Neely - The Mindfulness Impact Educator Course. Educator Professional Development.

Grantly Neely

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Grantly is the founder of Granite Education, a certified mindfulness instructor and an education technologist.

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The Mindfulness Impact Educator™ Course is an opportunity for educators to formalize their mindfulness practice through a certification aimed at promoting the integration of mindfulness in education spaces. A certified Mindfulness Impact Educator™ will confidently build emotional intelligence in his/her students, facilitate wellness-check-ins within both classroom and one-on-one settings, and lead both seated as well as active mindfulness-based activities. The certificate program was designed by GRANITE founder Grantly Neely in collaboration with PhDs in brain science, medical doctors, M. EDs, and classroom teachers. Through the course, educators will learn not only how to bring mindfulness into their education practice but also how to promote student excitement around developing their own independent mindfulness practice. Many educators who have worked to integrate mindfulness curricula into their classrooms know the difficulty surrounding “student buy-in”. Mindfulness Impact Educators are not only mindfulness practitioners but also ambassadors. A deep understanding of how to educate students on the benefits of mindfulness is a cornerstone of the The Mindfulness Impact Educator skillset. The The Mindfulness Impact Educator™ Certificate Program features detailed explanations of the contemporary western-science behind mindfulness as well as the traditionally understood merits.

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