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The ACT® Everything Course (4X LIVE)


Upon your purchase, you will receive a one-year subscription to The ACT® Everything Course and FOUR 1-hour ACT training sessions with one of our amazing ACT® specialists. The course is a mindfulness-based curriculum designed to help you master every section (English, Math, Reading, Science) of the ACT® college entrance exam, while simultaneously building emotional resilience, focus, and calm. For a detailed explanation of the course content see below.

*After your purchase you will be contacted by the GRANITE® Team to schedule your ACT® training sessions* 

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The ACT® Everything Course™ offers simply EVERYTHING a student could need to achieve his/her personal goals and ambitions. By combining a comprehensive curriculum on the traditional ACT academic skillset with Test Taking Intangibles™, Granite is able to offer a truly innovative test prep opportunity for its students.

Granite’s ACT Everything Course™ offers a rich explanation of all the core academic content on the ACT: English, Math, Reading, and Science. Whether you are struggling with timing on science, appositive phrases in English, factoring quadratics in math, or anything in between, The ACT® Everything course is for you!

What makes this class so unique and valuable; however, is its integration of Granite’s proprietary mindfulness centric “brain training exercises”. Students enrolled in the ACT® Everything Course will become experts at the Test Taking Intangibles®, learning how to work skillfully with testing anxiety, boredom, lack of focus, and much more. This skillset will help students perform better on the ACT®, but it will also provide them with a critical longterm academic skillset.

Academic Content:

  • ACT® Grammar Rules (ACT® English)
  • ACT® Vocab (ACT® English/Reading/Science/Math)
  • Geometry (ACT® Math)
  • Algebra (ACT® Math)
  • PreCalculus (ACT® Math)
  • Evidence-Based Reading (ACT® Reading)
  • Timing for Reading (ACT® Reading)
  • Reading Graphs (ACT® Science)
  • Comparing Experiments (ACT® Science)
  • Timing for Science (ACT® Science)

Intangibles Content:

  • Mindfulness and Test Taking
  • Working Skillfully with Test Anxiety
  • Noticing Boredom
  • Using the Breath
  • Emotional Intelligence and Reading
  • Patience
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Nutrition for Test Taking
  • Sleep and Test Taking
  • Peer Comparison and Self-Talk
  • Contextualizing your Score