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The ACT Everything Course™ offers simply everything a student could need to achieve his/her personal goals and ambitions. By combining a comprehensive curriculum on the traditional ACT academic skillset with Test Taking Intangibles™, Granite is able to offer a truly innovative test prep opportunity for its students. 

Granite’s ACT Everything Course™ offers a rich explanation of all the core academic content on the ACT: English, Math, Reading, and Science. Whether you are struggling with timing on science, appositive phrases in English, factoring quadratics in math, or anything in between, The ACT Everything course is for you! 

What makes this class so unique and valuable; however, is its integration of Granite’s proprietary mindfulness centric “brain training exercises”. Students enrolled in the ACT Everything Course will become experts at the Test Taking Intangibles™, learning how to work skillfully with testing anxiety, boredom, lack of focus, and much more. This skillset will help students perform better on the ACT, but it will also provide them with a critical longterm academic skillset. 

Course Content:

Academic Content: 

  • ACT Grammar Rules (ACT English) 
  • ACT Vocab (ACT English/Reading/Science/Math) 
  • Geometry (ACT Math)
  • Algebra (ACT Math)
  • PreCalculus (ACT Math)
  • Evidence-Based Reading (ACT Reading) 
  • Timing for Reading (ACT Reading)
  • Reading Graphs (ACT Science)
  • Comparing Experiments (ACT Science)
  • Timing for Science (ACT Science)

Intangibles Content: 

  • Mindfulness and Test Taking 
  • Working Skillfully with Test Anxiety 
  • Noticing Boredom 
  • Using the Breath 
  • Emotional Intelligence and Reading
  • Patience
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation 
  • Nutrition for Test Taking 
  • Sleep and Test Taking
  • Peer Comparison and Self-Talk
  • Contextualizing your Score