Mindfulness for Academic Achievement®

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The Mindfulness for Academic Achievement® course consolidates all of GRANITE’s amazing mindfulness curriculum into one engaging learning environment. Whether you want to skillfully navigate “pre-exam-nerves” for the *ACT®, a lack of focus on the *SAT®, *GMAT® test anxiety, *MCAT® woes, *LSAT® frustration, or anything in-between, this course teaches you all of GRANITE’s proprietary Test Taking Intangibles™. 

For many students, “test-taking-woes” aren’t rooted in a poor understanding of test content, instead these academic frustrations are based in the hectic emotions that surround test-taking. The Mindfulness for Academic Achievement® course will guide you through a process of learning how to embrace perfectionism, test anxiety, academic apathy, or any other challenging emotion, allowing you to demonstrate everything you know on standardized tests without the baggage of a distracted mind. 

This course does not cover the test content of any specific test. Instead, it equips students with mindfulness-based exercises to achieve any academic goal. The Mindfulness for Academic Achievement® course is sure to help you find much needed calm and clarity during the stress of academic assessments; however, it’s benefits will no doubt enrich every part of your academic skillset.